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Forwarding options
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You can forward messages to other G Suite email accounts in three ways.

Forward mail to another account

The ability to forward mail to another account allows a Gmail user to automatically forward incoming mail to another email address.


  • Easy for users to set up after they follow the instructions and get the forwarding account confirmed with Google.
  • Users have control and can change where their messages are forwarded to.


  • Users can set up only one forwarding address.

Use a filter

By using a filter, a Gmail user can manage the flow of incoming messages by automatically taking actions on messages (archiving, deleting, forwarding messages) based on rules.


Instead of forwarding all incoming messages, Gmail filters can forward messages based on certain rules. For example, you can forward messages from certain addresses or that have a particular subject.


  • Users can create up to 20 filters that forward to other addresses.

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